"I often wonder if I'm treated any better than the queen!" That is the sentiment of Valda, who felt compelled to speak out about her aged care centre after the Prime Minister's announcement of a Royal Commission into aged care on Sunday.

Valda Gosper has been a resident of Rosedurnate Aged Care Centre for three-and-half years.

"I want people to know there are wonderful homes as well as the few bad ones," the 87-year old said.

"Nothing bad happens here, tell Scott Morrison to come here and I will tell him what I think about my care.."

"I can't complain, it's a wonderful place with wonderful staff, they treat me like a queen."

The great-great-grandmother was told she was no longer able to live at home and care for herself in her home at Manildra after suffering a stroke.

"The choices I had at the time were West Wyalong or here," she said. "Five of my children still live in Manildra, I have one daughter in Cookamidgera and one in Perth. "So I'm nice and close to family here. This might not be the most modern, but I am home, it is my home away from home. "The only way I would be happier is if they could pick Rosedurnate up and put it down in Manildra."

Valda was born in Manildra and raised her seven children there. She still dearly loves her hometown.

"When my husband died at 49, I still had three at school and a house to pay for," Valda said."The local farmers came to help me, they offered me paid jobs within no time - they are wonderful, wonderful people."

Valda said there are a few things she would like to talk to some politicians about.

"The farmers are struggling and they're fighting over jobs. What are we doing? We need more women politicians - badly." she said.

Written by Barbara Watt for Parkes Champion Post.