Residential Aged Care

Linsell Lodge Aged Care Centre

2-16 Cardigan Street Angle Park SA 5010



Linsell Lodge is a home for those who require ongoing aged care to meet their assessed needs. Linsell provides a full range of professional aged care services. It features wide, well-lit corridors and levelled walkways and paths that lead to our numerous amenities including beautiful gardens and all weather outdoor seating areas. Linsell Lodge has its own café on site.

Included Services

Indoor recreational areas

Physiotherapy room

Hairdressing salon

Doctors room


Several leisure areas

The Residency

We promote a caring homely environment which is achieved by building stable relationships by providing support to the resident and family in all stages of life.

All dimensions of the person as an individual is encouraged including interaction with family, friends, other residents and the wider community.The nursing care provided at Linsell Lodge is based upon The Salvation Army mission and philosophy which is to alleviate human suffering and distress without discrimination.

Relocated from the heart of Adelaide to Angle Park in May 2008, Linsell Lodge is a new purpose built facility designed to provide a caring, warm environment to meet the needs of its residents in a supportive and holistic environment.

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