Residents and staff from Weeroona Aged Care Plus Centre raised over $500 in support of The Bankstown Corp's 2017 Red Shield Appeal.

With support from local schools, including Georges River Grammar students, Major Yan de Tommaso said it was a real local community effort.

"Kay Johnston, a residents at our Centre, celebrated her 70th birthday during the Appeal weekend and asked her guests to donate money instead of providing a gift," said Major Yan.

During a typical week, money raised from the Red Shield Appeal helps to provide:



  • 100,000 meals for the hungry



  • 2,000 beds for the homeless



  • 5,000-8,000 food vouchers



  • refuge to 500 victims of abuse



  • 3,000 elderly people with aged care services and so much more.



If you would like to donate to the Red Shield Appeal, visit at Aged Care Plus