The roll out of the GRACE model of care framework has officially kicked off with all of our staff across The Salvation Army Aged Care set to receive training in the coming months. Our GRACE framework will not only focus on delivering person-centred care, but will also ensure our organisation is leading the industry in physical, emotional and spiritual care.

To help with the implementation of the GRACE model of care at each of our centres and services, we have a dedicated team who specialise in each of the four GRACE pillars. They include Lisa Spencer for Dementia Care, Kathleen Nicholls for Spiritual Care, Lindsey Morgan for Palliative Care and the recruitment for our Mental Health Care specialist is being finalised.

Our specialists will appoint GRACE champions after each training session and they will be carrying out the good work that has been embedded by each of the specialists at the centre.

Once the champions are appointed, a poster will be provided to display at the centre. To celebrate and recognise our champions, the poster will have space for a photo of the champion. The champion poster will sit alongside the framed copy of the GRACE model of care which will help raise awareness about our new model of care. This will also sit next to our framed Mission graphic.

After onsite training, this will then be followed up with some online modules on LEARN for new staff joining the organisation and a refresher for those already trained.

With only a few months into the rollout, we've already received some positive feedback about the GRACE training sessions.

Christine, Care Service Employee at Elizabeth Jenkins Place said: ?GRACE is the best model for Dementia Care and it's so good to have this here - we are so lucky!?

Nick Bannon, Care Manager at Bethany also said: ?it has been fantastic having Kathleen here and we really look forward to utilising her clear skills on an ongoing basis. Thank you Kathleen for everything you have contributed to our site during your stay.?

To find out more about how GRACE is being applied, contact any of our centres.