January 24, 2019, was a great day in the life of our friend Jim Cowan (resident at Warringah Place Retirement Village), this was the day he received an Outstanding Community Service Award from the Northern Beaches Council at their Australia Day Ceremony.

This is in recognition of his work for the past 20 years where Jim has organised various outings and events for fellow senior citizens and making their lives brighter and assisting in different ways. Jim had been part of the Salvation Army's Council of Management for ten years, and since the change, to Aged Care Plus he has been the chairperson of the Residents Executive Committee.

Jim's two sons John and Rhys, together with his daughter-in-law Sandra were invited to witness the ceremony as was Maureen Hillman (who nominated Jim) and, as a surprise to Jim, our Retirement Village Manager Matthew Castle came along too.

It was a great evening, and we witnessed many worthwhile members of the Northern Beaches Community receiving their awards too but, we were especially proud of our Jim.

- Written by Maureen Hillman, fellow resident at Warringah Place Retirement Village.