Happy 100th birthday to Nancy Foord, a resident at our Gill Waminda Aged Care Centre. The team at the centre hosted a fantastic party to celebrate the special day. Marg Hayward, the Activity Coordinator, said the following about the event.

"We had some of her children, great-grandchildren, family friends, fellow residents and staff (both present and past), all attend this milestone birthday celebration. Nancy was very surprised and was quite emotional by the gesture. Nancy has her prize-winning fruit cake recipe on the cover of our local phone book, and so I arranged with Catering Industries to make her prize-winning cake as her birthday cake. We had photos of Nancy's life running on a loop on our big screen for everyone to see and for Nancy to remember. Kathy Price, our Care Manager, and Anne Jones, a fellow resident of Merino, presented Nancy with a beautiful box of flowers and Molly Langdon, another fellow resident of Merino, presented Nancy with a signed card from staff and residents. Everyone had a delightful afternoon, especially Nancy."

Nancy was born in 1919, the same year that the Treaty of Versailles was signed in France, bringing Australia's involvement in World War I to an end, the worldwide Spanish flu claimed 12,000 lives in Australia, and The Potts, believed to be the world's longest running cartoon strip drawn by the same artist, is first published in The Sun News-Pictorial.