Kamaldeep Kaur says that she loves helping people. “Nursing is one profession in which you can help the needy and vulnerable people,” she says after explaining that she decided to become a nurse when she was in high school. During her studies, she thought that she could become a physiotherapist or a nurse, but she chose nursing in the end and it has a wide scope of practice and knowledge.

Kamaldeep is originally from Punjab in India which is where she finished her schooling in 2006. That same year, she commenced her Bachelor of Nursing after completing the state entrance exam and she graduated in 2010. From 2011 to 2013, Kamaldeep studied a Masters of Midwifery. She emigrated to Australia three years later where she completed the EPIQ programme in 2017 and in 2018, she became a Registered Nurse. Then began her journey with The Salvation Army Aged Care.  

“I love providing care to elderly people as I am from a country where we look after our elderly parents and grandparents by ourselves,” she says of her work at Pacific Lodge Aged Care Centre. One of her favourite things about being a nurse is seeing a smile on a resident’s face after providing them with care. When residents miss their family or their loved ones however, Kamaldeep says that she finds this challenging. “You cannot help them a lot except by providing them with emotional support and reassurance,” she explains.  

“COVID –19 has affected each and everyone in this universe,” Kamaldeep says of the pandemic but the precautionary visitor restrictions at aged care centres in Australia due to the pandemic have been hard on residents as sometimes, family members were not able to see their loved ones face-to-face or in person. Secondly, the wearing of masks has been an issue she says. “Some of the residents have sensory deficits; they are unable to understand what staff want to say to them and they feel frustrated.”

Kamaldeep is inspired by The Salvation Army’s philosophy. “The Salvation Army is an organisation which believes in God and provides care and support to people who are vulnerable and in need,” she explains. “I am from a country which believes in God and beliefs and values.” She says that her parents are her biggest inspiration; her mother and father looked after her very well as working parents. Kamaldeep is also thankful for her Manager. “You cannot achieve anything without team support and support from your Managers,” she says.