The Salvation Army Aged Care has successfully secured a builder, Total Construction, to commence construction of Kubirri Aged Care Centre in Mossman. This follows plans and discussions with the Douglas Shire Council and the Mossman District Nursing Home Committee to commence construction at the start of the dry season.

Richard de Haast, National Director of The Salvation Army Aged Care, says that this milestone marks the beginning of a long awaited start to this meaningful community project.

"We are thrilled to share the news that we have secured a contract with Total Construction, a reputable and reliable builder that is just as committed to the Kubirri Aged Care Centre project as we have been. This milestone means that construction will commence in the coming days and we are incredibly excited to see this stage of the project kick off."

Total Construction has confirmed that they will be on site and will commence building as soon as possible, with plans to transition onto the land within the next four weeks.

Steve Taylor, Managing Director of Total Construction says they are looking forward to working in partnership with The Salvation Army Aged Care.

"This is quite a momentous occasion for us. It's a great opportunity to be part of an exciting project with The Salvation Army Aged Care. We've got lots of experience in the field, including 15 years in aged care, and this marks the 100th project for us."

Total Construction provides innovative construction solutions across the aged care and health, food and beverage, renewable energies, commercial and industrial, airports and infrastructure, education and childcare and fit-out (retail and clubs) sectors.

The newly built centre is scheduled to open in late 2020. The centre will create a positive environment for older Australians, while driving long term employment opportunities, and leading the way with an environmentally sustainable design to minimise an environmental footprint.